It doesn’t really come as a surprise that it may feel a bit dragging to try to secure and build backlinks for ecommerce site. After all, the process of getting these backlinks tends to be a bit difficult and time-consuming at the same time.  But, you need to remember that quality backlinks might be the secret that will help you overtake ecommerce giants such as eBay and Amazon. A solid and robust backlinking strategy can also be the best way to systematically establish your ecommerce site.

Check the list below to learn some strategies you can try to help you build better and more effective backlinks for ecommerce site:

Replace Your Old and Outdated Content
With this strategy, the first thing you have to do is remove all the outdated or old content on your ecommerce site. Once you have finished this process, you can use tools to review pages and articles with outdated content. Make sure you check the backlink information, keyword density, and search volume. Once you found a website that will work for you, get in touch with the site owners and check if they will also want to use your new and fresh article to update their outdated content.

Get Backlinks from Suppliers and Providers
If your provider or supplier has a site of their own, you can send them details about your website and product to include a backlink in the section of sellers or partners. In general, these web pages receive more visits and are also more reliable, thus increasing the quality of your backlinks.

Start Blogging Once Again or Start Your Own Ecommerce Blog
There is no doubt that a blog is the most efficient and effective way of generating backlinks for ecommerce site. It is likely that your product solves the problems of your customers or you wouldn’t be in business otherwise. To get started, try to think of all possible questions that might be raised by potential customers and write and publish the answers in the form of blog articles.
It is likely that if it is written for your specific niche, the industry leaders might even share your article with their own network. Some other techniques that are involved in the category include press release creation, guest posting as thought leader, and getting industry influencers to write about or review your product.

Market Your Own Products with Different Brands
If done properly, this technique can actually be very effective. For example, if you are selling high quality dry kibble, you can look for a digital retailer selling dog products, contact them and check if they might be interested to add a link to their own website. You just need to return the favor for them to enjoy the perks of higher search rankings.

Score Broken Backlinks
The strategy needs some familiarity with marketing. If you are aware of your competition, you can use their URL to look for broken links or links that lead to any working URL. This can be done with different online backlink analysis tools.
After finding the broken backlinks, you can then create content around them for filling in the gaps. Just contact the site owner and inform them that you noticed their broken content and you have the same working content available. This is a win-win situation for both you and the webmaster.

Follow these strategies to get more quality backlinks for ecommerce site.