In recent years, ageing care has been widely covered in magazines and media. The topic of ageing care is endless. Anti-aging measures are indispensable for those who want to be youthful. As you age, your skin loses its firmness and luster like you did when you were young, and sagging becomes more noticeable. One of the causes of this phenomenon is said to be a decrease in female hormones that maintain the elasticity of the skin. Among female hormones, estrogen is involved in the production of firmness, luster and freshness of the skin. The decrease in estrogen with ageing causes skin deterioration and face line collapse.

There are various measures against skin ageing. Ultraviolet rays age the skin, so measures are required to maintain beautiful skin. Avoid excessive exposure to UV rays on a regular basis and take care of your skin. Exercise habits are also important. Lack of exercise leads to muscle weakness and accelerates ageing. Try to eat a nutritionally balanced diet. Overdose of food additives is said to age the body. Try to eat as nutritious as possible. Cosmetic surgery is recommended for those who feel that these measures are not sufficient. By improving wrinkles and sagging by the treatment, you can make the impression of the face youthful. From scalpel-free surgery to full-scale contour surgery, there are treatment methods that meet the concerns of ageing.

It is possible to rejuvenate at once by using contour surgery (輪郭手術 in Japanese). Due to the effects of the treatment, some people have become more than 10 years old and younger than their actual age. Cosmetic surgery solves most aging appearance problems. However, if you are unhealthy, there is no point in changing your appearance. Anti-aging measures can only be achieved if you are physically and mentally healthy. First, let’s review basic lifestyle habits such as eating and exercising. A healthy and perky person looks young by itself. Accumulation of daily efforts is indispensable for anti-aging measures.