As soon as the sun is smiling and the first warm rays reach us, we want to immediately slip into airy clothing and look forward to the summer. Especially when it comes to shoes, the selection of different models, shapes, and designs is endless. And with so many choices, we’re easily spoiled for choice, and it’s not always easy to find the right footwear for summer days. Here are some tips and tricks to look out for when buying the right summer shoe.

Trends for summer shoes and sandals

Light and airy
You can certainly argue about taste when choosing shoes, but the fact is that our feet absolutely deserve to be cared for with respect and with a lot of devotion and calm. Hence, it is especially to choose the right shoes. If the shoes pushes at the front and rubs at the back, or the foot has to fit into a tight fit, it not only damages the healthy foot in the long term, but also hurts a lot, and is actually completely superfluous. Now, we have a massive and ever increasing shoe market that allows us to find every shoe we want ultimately.

The summer shoe should be considered as the top priority, since it is always quite airy and light. However, this does not mean that it has to do without a solid sole, and also not that a decent footbed is not available. Both can be wonderfully combined if you make the right choices and pay attention to the essential details. The classic sandal is still the absolute favorite as a shoe shape for the summer.

Good grip in sandals
The support of the foot in a sandal is essential to be able to move safely and comfortably. The laces and closures on the respective straps should be easy to close and hardly noticeably wearable. For this, a good material has to be used, ideally natural leather.

This adapts well and stretches. Even in a sandal, the footbed is one of the most important things for healthy running and walking of the foot itself. The better the inlet of the shoe or sandal is for the summer, the better for our feet. The good grip is usually not always really given in light footwear. Therefore pay particular attention to this point. In addition, sandals can go well with any long dress or abaya.

Sneakers, flip-flops, or bast shoes?
Depending on where you are most of the time and on what terrain, your summer shoe should also fit your situation. If you sit in the office on hot days, you can sometimes wear light sneakers with a suit outside the dress code’s norm. When important meetings and meetings are pending, you can still fall back on a sturdy shoe for this moment.

Furthermore, flip-flops are welcome on hot days and especially on beach holidays. But be careful: never wear these shoes while driving! Bast shoes or raffia sandals are still popular, but mostly only during the holiday season. This is because even if there is little contact with water on the streets, for example, this shoe becomes a mess.