Playing sports is one of the best ways to shed all the unwanted extra pounds and improve overall health and fitness. Most of us do not exercise at home or go to the gym because we cannot follow a monotonous routine. Pounding on the treadmill and sweating in the gym are the same old routine. On the other hand, playing sports has its enjoyment and excitement. Ten minutes of chasing a ball burns the same amount of calories in the park as does ten minutes of pounding on the treadmill.

Besides fitness, there are many reasons why you should actively involve yourself in sports. Some of these include being able to reduce weight, strengthen bones as well as improve the body’s flexibility and stamina.

Here are some of the top benefits of sports that will compel you to play sports in the near future.

Enhanced Sleep Quality
One of the greatest benefits of playing sports is its ability to aid in your sleep at night. When you play sports with other players, your body releases hormones that make you feel pleasant, happier, and relaxed. When this happens, it indirectly enhances the quality of your sleep.

A Strong and Powerful Heart
The heart is a muscle, which has to be worked out. When you exercise properly, it improves your overall cardiovascular health. The blood is supplied to the heart without any obstacles. Thus, sports increase the health of your heart, making it stronger and more powerful.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke
When you play different types of sports, your heart muscle works and gains health. When your heart is physically active, your heart does not lose its function easily. Vessels of the heart remain healthy which is why cardiovascular challenges such as heart disease, diabetes, and heart stroke are reduced.

Cholesterol Remains in Control
When you play sports regularly, your body fights bad elements and improves your muscular endurance and strength. So, playing sports decreases LDL and increases HDL. If you have bad cholesterol, you can fight it by indulging in various types of sports. You can start by playing football, and then enjoy other physical sports.

Improve your Immune System
By playing sports regularly, your body flushes out all the toxins and bacteria out of the lungs, and airways. Regular exercise and sports reduce the chances of falling ill with the flu or cold. You also do not get a fever or other common illnesses regularly. Physical activity has a positive impact on white blood cells (WBCs) and antibodies. WBCs are the main component that enhances your immune system and makes it less vulnerable to bacteria and diseases.

Strength of Bones
Another great advantage of regular sports playing is the strengthening of your bones. Movement of the body increases the strength of your bones. Resistance exercises such as hiking, climbing, jogging, playing tennis as well as dancing are some of the exercises that increase the strength of your bones. Sports are also resistance exercises that improve the health of your bones.

When you play sports for half an hour or an hour daily, you reap all of these benefits for an extended period of time. Of course, do not forget to eat healthily and drink lots of water (which you can pack in a thermo bottle before you head out for your sports activities).