Obstacles are anything that are preventing us from achieving our goals like dining at halal restaurants in central london and being the best persons we can be. Before you can overcome obstacles, you need to identify them first. So, create a list of all the obstacles in your life. Look at your list of obstacles which you feel are hindering you from achieving your goals and ask these questions of yourself.

  • Is this obstacle valid? Does it have a basis in physical reality? Is it always true? How often do I find it to be true? Can I disprove it? Can I debunk it? Can I prove its opposite? What can I do to disprove it?
  • How does this obstacle affect my prospects of achieving my goal? How severely does it limit or restrict my ability to pursue my intended objectives?
  • Does this obstacle really obstruct my ability to pursue my goals at all? Or is it merely an excuse for me not to act to go after my goals?
  • What will happen to me if I act despite this possibly flawed obstacle of mine? What is the worst thing that can happen to me if I act in spite of this obstacle? What is the best thing that can happen to me if I act in spite of this obstacle?

This set of questions should suffice in arming you with a perspective on things and dissolve your negative perceptions, beliefs or attitudes, clearing the pathway towards the new realisation of your goals. One of the best, most effective yet simplest techniques you can use to dissolve any inner psychological, mental, emotional, conceptual, intellectual or philosophical hindrance that blocks you from going after your goals is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Google EFT to find out more about it.

Now, what about those obstacles which are actual and physical in nature? How can the EFT technique dissolve these actual physical challenges? Of course, no mental technique can directly solve challenges which are actual and physical in nature. You need to tackle them the old-fashioned way.

Here you have 2 choices, based on 2 possibilities:

  • You can do something about it. Then go ahead and do something about it!
  • You can’t do anything about it. Then quit wallowing in self-pity or feelings of helplessness and forget about it! Perhaps you can the EFT technique to work on your feelings of self-pity or helplessness.

If you do decide to try and do something about your challenges, then the following questions might help you –

  • Who can I approach for quick help?
  • What do I need to handle this?
  • What is the best, fastest and most permanent solution to this challenge so that I can do away with this problem forever?