Computer repair industry now seemed to be an essential industry in this world. Especially now that most people are working online, there is always a need for an on-call macbook repair singapore shop that will repair your computer for you. Sadly, like any other industry, there will always be a slight chance that there are people out there that is there to scam you. Computer repair is a service-oriented industry, there will be some people that would always want their client to be uninformed because it would be easier for them to scam those. Here are the common scams that computer repairs do that you need to be aware of.

The system was destroyed and there is a spare laptop or computer that they can offer.
This technique is done by the scam computer repair stores that wants to sell items. They will say that your unit has a complicated issue. But In reality, it has a very little problem and can be fixed immediately. What they want is for you to buy a model that they have. Or they will offer you parts that are overpriced. After that, they will offer to buy your laptop/computer for a low price and tell you that is a best deal that you can get.

Parts are replaced with substandard parts.
When you bring your unit in the repair store, make sure that all the parts that are good are still intact and not replaced. If you can take a picture of your laptop parts, that is better. Scam repair shops will scam you by getting the original parts in your laptop and replace it with low quality or substandard parts. This will eventually lead to a more complicated issue than what was originally reported.

System wiped out.
Sometimes, people will tell you that your laptop or computer have an issue that needed a system reformat. You as an owner will then be worried about all the files that you have in your unit. This will be an opportunity for a scammer to offer you a higher price for making sure that no files will be deleted in you unit.

Unqualified Technicians.
There is a specific skill set that you need to be able to fix a laptop or computer. There are some certifications that will prove that the technician is indeed qualified to do the job. However, scammers pretend to have a proof of legitimacy and offer you a cheap service. But in the end, these scammers have no idea in fixing your unit and might cause more problem to it rather than fixing it.

Free checking promo.
The scam here that they are telling you that they will be checking your unit for free. But after checking your unit, they will find a complicated issue that will require parts that you can only find on their store. They will sales talk you to buying these parts. Usually, these parts are overpriced because they are compensating the promo with their overpriced parts.

As a conclusion, it is important to do some research first. It is important to know what the specific problem of your laptop or computer is first before bringing it to the repair shop. These days, information and reviews are available online that can help you decide where you can bring your unit.