Are you remodeling your house or relocating? Or have you just bought a set of new cheap furniture Singapore has to offer, and you are having trouble disposing of your old ones? Here are some tips that might be helpful in disposing that old furniture.

Sell them.
Whether you do it online, or have a garage sale, one easy way to dispose of old furniture is to sell them. But you have to make sure that the furniture that you are selling are still usable and worth the customers money. Selling the furniture would kill two birds with one stone. You will earn money, and you can dispose of the old furniture of yours.

Using online platforms to sell second-hand items is usually the way to go these days, so it is easy for you to market the furniture if you don’t want to have a garage sale. Choose whatever online platform you are comfortable with. You may also need to be artistic with your photos so that it would look pleasing to the eyes and will attract more customers.

Donate it to those in need.
There are many people that are in need of different items for the house. Not all can afford good furniture because they have other priorities. Check with the people you know, if they need anything that you have and offer it to them. Again, you just have to check if the item is still functional and can be used. You do not want to give something that will end up in a trash because it cannot be used.

If the people you know don’t need anything or don’t want anything, then you can ask your neighbors if they know someone who is in need of furniture that you are willing to give. Or if applicable and safe for your house to do so, you can leave it outside your doorstep, and leave a note to let others know that it is open for taking.

Search for those who buy second-hand furniture online and sell them in bulk.
We know that there are those who buy second-hand furniture so that they can refurbish them or reupholster them to sell them again. You can search for such people online or check with the ones near you. Offer them a price for the bulk of your furniture. These business owners are usually looking for cheaper furniture because they will sell them after fixing them. So for them to have a profit ,they will need to buy such furniture a lower cost. Now, if you are only after the disposal of furniture and not after the money, then this can be your best way to go.

Salvage yards can be your option top, but please make it your last option. If the above-mentioned tips are applicable to you, then you might want to choose any one of them. Salvage yards already have so much stuff. And if the furniture is still usable, don’t you want somebody to take care of it the same way that you did? So it is always better to give it away than to waste it.