Do you know about the “E-line” that has been attracting attention in magazines and media in recent years? The E line (aesthetic line) is a straight line that connects the tip of the nose and the tip of the chin in profile. The E-line was proposed by American dentist Robert Ricketts in the 1950s. The E line is a criterion for facial beauty. Ideally, the upper and lower lips should be slightly inside the line. Asians are ideal for having upper and lower lips on the line because they are closer to the skeleton depending on the race. Massage and make-up are also effective in adjusting the E-line, but cosmetic surgery can improve the fundamental imbalance.

In cosmetic surgery, various treatments are performed to create beautiful contours. To make a clean E-line, you need to balance your mouth, chin and nose. If the cause of the E-line collapse is a dentition problem, orthodontic treatment will be performed. You also have the option of undergoing contour surgery (輪郭手術 as mentioned in the Japanese language) to change the skeleton, such as nose height or chin retraction. If you undergo contour surgery, you can improve the shape of the bone and obtain the ideal contour. For those who are reluctant to have surgery, hyaluronic acid injections, thread adjustments, and prosthesis treatments are performed. The easiest way to do this is to inject hyaluronic acid, which is used by many people. A prosthesis is effective for those who want a longer lasting effect. It is necessary to choose the most suitable treatment method according to your worries.

You may not have many opportunities to take a leisurely look at your profile. When you make up or check your clothes, you will most likely face the front and look in the mirror. However, in everyday life, people around us are looking at their profile unexpectedly. A beautiful profile needs to have some E-line. If you have a balance problem, it is a good idea to use cosmetic surgery to arrange the line. By adjusting the line, the face will be sharpened and you can expect a small face effect. The beautiful E-line realizes the beauty of the entire face, not just the profile.