Your goals will look clearer in your horizon once you have done all you possibly can to overcome the obstacles hindering you from your desired objectives. The next logical step for you to take to pursue your goals after you have clearly defined them and overcome the obstacles hindering you from them, is of course to go on ahead and pursue your goals. That was easier said than done, but how?

That’s where the simple question, “What is the best way forward?”, comes in. It will give you an insight into how you can best move forward in the direction of your goals. This question is essential to your entire journey towards your goals, because if you don’t address it well enough, you will be stuck in inefficient patterns that will only waste your time, money and energy, instead of taking you closer towards your objectives. What is the best way forward? Think about this question thoroughly as we look into how we can find the best way to achieve your goals.

First, think about the best first step you can possibly take towards the realisation of your goal. Ponder carefully about the mindsets, attitudes and beliefs you must equip yourself with before setting out towards your goal. Determine when you have reached the ‘point of no return’ where you know you can never turn back from the pursuit of your goal.

Next, think about the best role model you can follow, who has achieved what you seek to achieve. Figure out ways you can approach this role model as your potential teacher or mentor. Is this potential mentor someone you know or someone you must seek out? Determine how you will know if he or she is your ideal mentor.

Subsequently, decide on the best vehicle that can take you to the realisation of your goals in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Determine how you will know if a potential vehicle is the best one for you. Also think about who can guide you in selecting the best possible vehicle that will take you to your goals.

Now, think about the shortest, safest and straightest route from where you are to where you want to be. How many alternative routes are there that will take you to your desired destination? Consider how easily you can change routes in case you need to do so in order for you to reach your goals.

On top of that, think about the resources you need in order to pursue your goal. For example if you aim to start an app that will help Muslim people who are looking for the best halal food near me, then you will need resources like funding, programmers, digital agencies, and inspiration from online halal guides like HalalGo to help you build such an app.

In addition, ponder about what resources, assets, people and tools you already have that can help you pursue your goals. Think of ways you can use leverage to further accelerate the efficacy of your efforts in attaining desired results. Finally look for any proven systems or set of methods that others have already created, followed and succeeded in, which you can also follow in the pursuit of your goals.