The impression of the face changes with age. Many people may feel that their faces are no longer as glamorous as they were when they were young. As you get older, wrinkles and sagging on your face become more noticeable, giving you the impression of aging. This phenomenon is caused by the shrinking of bones due to aging. The loss of bones that support the skin and fat can make a big difference in the impression of the face. Low cheekbones and dents around the eyes tend to make a lean person look sick and old overall. People with plump faces can no longer support their skin and fat due to the shrinking bones, and sagging and wrinkles become more noticeable. The collapse of the face line due to aging has plagued many people.

Various treatments are performed in the beauty industry to deal with the problems of aging. Botox injections are used for wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. Nasolabial folds are made inconspicuous by injecting hyaluronic acid and raising the skin. Treatment with high-frequency medical equipment is also effective for tightening and lifting the skin. In contour surgery (or commonly known as 輪郭手術 in Japanese), a part of the face is incised and pulled back. Contour surgery is a large scale, but it can be very effective. Not only partial lift-up of the parts you want to improve, but also lift-up of the entire face is possible. Some people may be worried about surgery, but most surgery takes a short time. Postoperative scarring remains, but in most cases it is not noticeable. If you are uncertain, check with your doctor during counseling.

The aging phenomenon is said to begin in the twenties. Wrinkles and age spots increase in the 30s, and sagging becomes noticeable in the 40s. Changes in appearance due to aging occur in everyone. If you are worried about changes in facial impression, you may want to use cosmetic surgery. It would be great if everyone could be seen below their age. I want to stay youthful both physically and mentally without losing the worries of aging.